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[Junicorn] Light

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[Junicorn] Light

Ainsley Evergarden

He might be confused for a unicorn of the sky, with his cloudy coat, but his power is, indeed, sharing the gift of light with the world.

You may:
- Change the name
- Modify the species (made to be a unicorn, but if you want a horse/deer/etc, okay)
- Change the sex/gender
- Modify the design (kind of assuming you bought them because you like the design, but if you need tweaks, cool)
-Make them an anthro/feral (whichever they aren't)

You may not:
- Edit my art.
- Resell for more than purchased if no extra art is included.

Contact info for future inquiries is included in an RTF file in the zip you'll be able to download after purchase.

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Includes 1 zip file that includes the following: 1 version with background for re-posting online, one small transparent version, and one version at working size. Also one rtf file with information about the adopt, rules, and contact information.

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