Border Leicester Sheep Adopt - Montauciel

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Border Leicester Sheep Adopt - Montauciel

Ainsley Evergarden

This sheep is an adoptable character! You can do basically whatever you would like once you've purchased them. By buying this, you get the watermarked image like you see above (without the "unsold" text), a version without the floral pattern but does have my signature, and a larger, non-watermarked image for personal use. Both of these are png files. If you re-upload the sheep somewhere, I ask that I be linked back to (links provided in attached file), and that the watermarked image be the one used.

You may:
- Change the name
- Change the species
- Change the sex/gender
- Change the design
- Request one of the other linearts be used (breasts, no breasts, belly patch, no belly patch)

You may not:
- Edit my art.

For an additional fee, I can provide a back view or some edits. Line art edits will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and may require additional fees. Custom sheep can be ordered as well.

All my adopters will receive a 15% discount on any future commissions from me if they use the adopted character. 

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Includes a .zip file with 1 watermarked image, one non-watermarked image, and one text file with contact information.

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